Please Remember Me

by R Michael Rhodes

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released June 3, 2013


tags: country Denver


all rights reserved


R Michael Rhodes Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Please Remember Me
Please Remember Me
Songwriter(s) R Michael Rhodes

Verse 1

For one more day you're mine
Why'd the summer have to hurry by
In one more day you fly
Come on and hold me one more time


Please Remember Me
Please Remember Me
Please Remember Me
Like I was

Verse 2

I know you can't stay
Dreams of yours won't be denied
When you're on you're way
I'll be the one that's left here to cry


I was the one that loved you
I never will forget you
I'll be the one waiting here for you
Track Name: Special Place For Me
Special Place For Me
Songwriter(s) R Michael Rhodes

Verse 1

Two o'clock in the mornin'
You're heavy on my mind
I can't sleep from all the memories

Lyin' in the darkness
Tears fill up my eyes
As I wonder just how I'll make you see


I always thought you'd be the one to share my dreams
The one to come and rescue me
I still believe that somewhere deep inside your heart
There will always be a Special Place For Me

Verse 2

I'd like to tell you
The thoughts on my mind
But I know the feelings not right

And now they say
You marry him today
Oh I guess now it's good-bye


Should've been stronger
Should've stayed longer
Should've found a way
To say


And you will always be in love with me
Track Name: A Little Bit Tighter
A little Bit Tighter
Songwriter(s) Steve Dean and R Michael Rhodes

Verse 1

There is a summer in my mem'ry
Hangin' out on the coast
There was a girl there lyin' beside me
I should've never let go

Moments in the sand
When she took my hand


I should've held her a little bit tighter
Never let her walk away
I should be the guy standin' there beside her
Who knows where we'd be today (I'd be givin' her my name)
If I'd held on A Little Bit Tighter

Verse 2

She was a beauty you can't imagine
Wind and sun in her hair
Love was burnin' by the ocean
Can't deny what was there

I feel her whisper my name
She's in my arms again


Here comes her daddy walking her down
I'm standin' here thinkin' out loud
Track Name: Where Are You Now
Where Are You Now
SongWriter(s) R Michael Rhodes

Verse 1

Looked in your eyes I couldn't see you
Could it be you were somewhere far away
I held your hand I couldn't feel you
Can't believe that it had to end that way


Where Are You Now
I wonder if I ever cross your mind
Where Are You Now
I wish that I could say
I wish I knew a way
I'd like to say I love you one more time

Verse 2

You were my friend I'm gonna miss you
But time can't take away the things we knew
We shared it all from joy to sorrow
But all I have are memories of you
Track Name: Chasin' Ghosts
Chasin' Ghosts
Songwriter(s) R Michael Rhodes

Verse 1

Pour me one more glass of wine
Chase her memíry ëcross my mind
One more time

Verse 2

Blue eyes haunting me tonight
Chances lost through all my life
To make it right


From Colorado to the coasts
Iíve been out here Chasiní Ghosts
What might have been what never was
Iím so lost itís all because
I never knew what mattered most
Iíve been out here Chasiní Ghosts

Verse 3

One more story left undone
I never said she was the one
And now sheís gone
Track Name: You'll Never Know
You'll Never Know At All
Songwiter(s) R Michael Rhodes

Verse 1

You look at me for a moment we're in love
But you can't see that it's you I'm dreamin' of
Then you turn around I'm feelin' oh so down
I want to be close to you I will never make it through and I


I love you, but I can't tell you that
I need you, and I won't say that
I want you, You"ll Never Know At All

Verse 2

I understand that you will never love me
Ring on your hand makes it clear it can't be
Everyight I dream every day I feel the same
The pain that's inside of me I can't have you next to me and


Voices whisper in my head
Haunting me with all the words I never said